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Skype: allison.frailich

Facebook:Allison Frailich

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Call me: I have a cell phone!  My number is 0718375024. Probably the best way to reach me is with a Ugandan calling card:

Snail mail:
Flat 2, Block 2,
Plot 19 Upper Mawanda road
Mulago Hill
C/O P O Box 37304
Kampala, UGANDA
Please use “registered” mail and put my phone number (0718375024) on the package. The post office will then call me when the package reaches Kampala and I’ll figure out how to pick it up 🙂


One response

14 12 2009

Allison, I finally got caught up on your posts and it is truly amazing to be there with you through your words and images. As you live this every minute it is fun to read your recaps. From afar I can tell it is having a lasting impact on you and your work and it’s still only the beginning. Continue to relish every moment and share the experiences with us all. As for Mpls, it’s freezing cold there is snow on the ground but it is Hanukah so Happy Hanukah in Uganda (sort of rhymes).

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