Best of…

12 02 2010

Living in Kampala, you get used to meeting new people all the time mixed in with a plethora of goodbye dinners.  It is hard to get close to people and have them leave or be the one leaving.  A common aspect of the goodbye process is reflection on “best ofs.” Here are mine…see you stateside and check back in the next week or two for a final summarizing blog post!

Top five things I’ll miss most:

  • The people
  • Walks to work
  • Rolex, pineapple, bananas, mangoes and eating “chips” with every meal
  • Discussions on bowel movements, malaria medications and other interesting, deep conversations about life and changing the world
  • Daily sense of adventure, learning and meaning

Top five things I’m most looking forward to going home:

  • The people
  • My bed (and no mosquito net)
  • Laundry machine
  • Decent food
  • TV/couch combo

Best experiences

  • Hanging out with kids: neighbors – Jimmy and Kathy, making paper airplanes with David, Esther and Ezra and visiting the school in Kitende (Jordan, Soloman & Joseph)
  • Teaching men at corner shack how to shuffle and play blackjack
  • Christmas travels: Sipi & Rwanda
  • Spin Saturdays at Kabira
  • Seeing Obama everywhere – earrings, ring tone of special hire, etc.



4 responses

12 02 2010

I can’t believe it’s already time for you to come back! It has truly been wonderful experiencing your travels through this blog. I can’t wait to hear even more stories.

Safe travels home!

12 02 2010
Tom Williams

Can’t believe it’s time for you to come home. I must admit I’m glad in a way. I’ve worried a bit even with your reassuring and completely enjoyable posts. Glad you went; will be glad when you’re home. Small world story. My daughter’s service group at Davidson is something called Building Tomorrow. Their big project, which has been going on for some years, is construction of a school in Uganda! Who knew? I’ll try and get some details to share after you get back. Safe travels. Love, Tom

12 02 2010
Penny Ziessman

I’ve read with such interest about your travels, experiences, insight and observations. I know it’s always a challenge getting started on such an adventure as this and challenging in a different way coming home. Thanks for letting us live “it” through your eyes. I’m sure many more stories will come out when we get together in Minneapolis.
Safe travels, friend,

12 02 2010

I enjoy your company. It is a pleasure. YOur brothers are cool too.

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