Grasshoppers, human rights march and photos from the first week

7 12 2009

One week under my belt and so much has happened! Everything is still going great. I wish I could capture every second to share but instead I’ll try and just cover the highlights. Every morning, a man comes to our office and offers to sell us grasshoppers to eat. The grasshoppers come in a big bucket and Friday my co-workers convinced me to try one. It was crunchy and I’ll admit didn’t taste that bad but the thought of it was too traumatizing to make them a regular part of my diet. Other notable firsts included peeing into a hole in the ground, getting lost and riding a boda (decrepit motorcycles with crazy drivers who offer one of the wildest modes of transport – definitely not the safest option but sometimes necessary).

Saturday, I woke up early and went to a student march and public exhibition for human rights. The activities were coordinated with the government so it wasn’t a contentious march rather more of an awareness building thing. After the march, there was a program and people were invited to stroll through the various human rights organizations’ booths. I sat with my co-worker Diana and her friend Juliet at the AGHA table. It was so nice to spend time with both of them, get to meet some of the students and observe how an informational fair works in Uganda. Obviously, this is only one example but at this fair, most of the booths had pop up signs and then posters, long reports or other printed materials to hand out to visitors. It was amazing, people walked around single file and everyone left with arms full of paper. I’m so used to the States where everyone comes for the gimmicky giveaway and leaves the papers. I asked one of the students if he was actually going to read all those materials and he said no but that he would keep them and perhaps reference them in the future.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring and out with new friends I’ve made – all very fun. Uploading pictures is hard and takes a while but I have a bunch from the first week. I realize that images that are different from home are more interesting and compelling to me but I also don’t want to misrepresent Kampala either (i.e. not everyone is poor, many people dress similar to what you would see in a more developed country). I’m including a few of my favorites in this post but you’ll have to click here to see the whole album. Enjoy…

Click here to view the whole album




6 responses

8 12 2009

Allison, your blog is fabulous. Thank you for sharing your experience and your wonderful writing. I’m so proud of you!

8 12 2009
Nancy Vitoff

Hi Allison I really enjoy reading your blog. It is easy to imagine the people, sites, sounds and smells of Uganda.

I think you might need to conjur up an image of Andrew Zimmern when eating new and unusual foods!

We are off to AZ next weekand will probably get together with your mom and dad. Take care, Nancy

10 12 2009


Love the blogs, love the pictures…keep them coming. Miss you!

12 12 2009
David Erickson


You ate a grasshopper. A GRASSHOPPER!! That’s revolting. I’m gonna be VERY disappointed if I have to put up with grasshoppers for lunch when you return.

12 12 2009


Sorry I have been lame about responding to you, but know that I am keeping up on your blog. I’m glad to see you are embracing the culture and getting outside of your comfort zone — grasshoppers–yikes!!

We miss you around the office and at the lunch table.

13 12 2009

What put you out of your comfort zone more, peeing in a hole in the ground or eating a grasshopper? These are the things that I ponder.

Go Vikings,

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