First pictures!

2 12 2009

Hi all,

I promise to take more photos but so far I’ve been rather shy.  I have to keep reminding myself that it won’t be the last time someone walks by me carring food on their head and that I have more time to capture some of these classic shots during my stay.  Also, I haven’t really figured out the protocal yet of taking pictures of people (whether or not you have to ask permission first) so admittedly the first few shots are pretty basic. 

First, and most embarrassing is a self-portrait of what the African air has done to my hair – clearly no makeup, hair dryers or heels are needed here! 

I’m still figuring out the formatting of pictures so bear with me. 

The next is a picture of my bed with mosquito netting. 

Then a picture of one of the hills in Kampala taken from the road I walk to and from work each day.  Kampala is a city of hills so the morning and afternoon walks are more like hikes up hills on dirt roads with massive holes.  A member of Parliament just died in a car crash that is being blamed in part on the potholes. The walk takes me about 25 min. each way and is a really enjoyable aspect of this experience.  I’m hoping that soon, I’ll be able to start looking up more as I get more comfortable navigating the mix of animals, cars, people and terrain 🙂 but I definitely love this part of my day.

The next photo is of a young boy I see on my walk home each day.

Last, here is what my rent payment looks like – 930,000 Ugandan Shillings (yikes!).  I’ll try to add more pictures soon – probably after this weekend.




3 responses

3 12 2009
Michelle Rougier-Hill

Glad to here you are getting settled. You look beautiful my dear…as do the hills you see on your daily walk. Keep the pictures coming!

3 12 2009
Alan Frailich

I love your writing. You learned how to create word pictures very well. Good for you.
btw- I did the currency conversion to figure out that your rent is about $490. I remember a trip to Italy (before the EURO) where I spent 40,000 lira on a pair of hosiery for you. I thought THAT was hard to figure out but now Ugandan shillings. Take care and be safe.


4 12 2009

Guess you will probably learn some basic things-on-head- skill when you are back. 😉 keep up the adventure!

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