5 days and counting…

24 11 2009

I leave on Saturday and will admit I’m a mix of excitement and nerves. My living room is full of things to pack and I’m spending every free second running around taking care of last minute errands.  I found out today that the people I will be sharing an apartment with in Uganda are from Minnesota – how random is that?  I found the apartment through a contact of someone at the NGO I’ll be working with (both from Africa and neither knew which I was state from).  My future roommates are both 4th year medical students at the U of M studying infectious disease.  It’ll be exciting to hear their experiences especially since a lot of the work I’ll be doing is with health professionals in Uganda.  I’ll try and post one more time before I take off and then will hopefully update this once I land and find an internet connection early next week.




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24 11 2009
Jen N

Allison, I’m jealous. I have some unsolicited advice – only pack clothes that you love and are comfortable in. Otherwise you’ll bring things that you’ll never wear. And do you have an address yet? Will you post it? Jen

24 11 2009
Jen N

Whoops! I found your address. Just hadn’t looked that far. Jen

24 11 2009
Michelle Rougier-Hill

Safe Travels Allison! Can’t wait to read all about your experiences over the next three months!

25 11 2009
Shari Cohen

Wishing you a safe journey on this amazing experience.
Your West Coast cousins will be following your travels through
your blog. I hope you take a journal to write about what is happening
so you will remember details later when you are back home.
Proud of you and what you are doing!
Cousin Shari

25 11 2009
shira frailich goldman

I remember a warm day in Madison when you talked about the possibility of taking this trip and here you are! How awesome that you have made this happen – so impressed! Cant wait to follow your experience. You’ve got a huge fan club over here. We will look at the beautiful home-made Meet the Frailich’s book and think of you. Go go cuz!

25 11 2009
Scott Aebischer

Safe journeys Alison. I am so glad to hear you have hooked up with some roommates during your stay. It will make the time that much better! Keep in touch. Scott

25 11 2009
Lauren Leister

Have a great trip! I’m excited you’ll be blogging during your time over there. Safe travels! 🙂

25 11 2009
Mama Ria

I’m SO EXCITED for you Allison! I’m bummed we couldn’t connect before you leave but have an AMAZING time. Be safe. Go to South Africa too. 🙂

25 11 2009

Love you Allycat and I am so excited for your stories! I will miss you! cuz Sara

28 11 2009

Alison, Lois & I are very proud of what you are doing and hope you have a safe and exciting trip! Looking forward to hearing of your experiences!

30 11 2009
Penny Ziessman

Hiya Allison!
It’s 4:30pm Sunday here in Minneapolis and you’re just a few short hours from landing and starting your amazing journey. If hugs can travel, I’m sending them along to you. (If they can’t, well, I’m hugging the air!) Wishing you lots of meaningful experiences; I’m sure they will amaze you and amaze us, too!
Lots of love,

30 11 2009
Uncle B

Alley Cat
Good luck with finding your be’shert.

Vikings 36 Bears 10.

Be Safe!

Uncle B

30 11 2009
Auntie M

Hey Alley-cat,
We have been thinking about you all day and anxiously awaiting to hear that you have safely arrived at your destination. Sara, set up my computer and so that we can skype with you.
Love you and MGBWU.

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