First blog post ever!!

13 11 2009

I admit it – I’m a newbie to blogging and come with a decent amount of trepidation.  It’s one thing to tell a person a story — you can choose which details to share and when to cut it short based on the other person’s reaction. With a blog, you put out a thought for the world to see and know that you can’t really take it back no matter the reaction.  

Considering how long it has taken me to decide on a name for the blog and choose which theme and picture I like, I can easily see the blog becoming a source of great pressure and internal debate.  Already, I worry about writing a blog that’s boring, about no one commenting on my posts, about sharing too much, about sharing too little, feeling free to be honest with my thoughts and feelings without judgement, about being culturally respectful, about appealing to audiences that vary from work to family to friends to people I may not know…

I can’t promise that I won’t still worry about those things over the next few months but I can say that I’m willing to try. I hope to use this space to share a tiny bit of my experience and provide something that maybe interests you one day, hopefully makes you chuckle at some point and more than anything helps you feel connected to a place most won’t have the opportunity to experience.  With that said, as I jump feet first in to blogging, thanks for coming along for the ride!




2 responses

27 11 2009
auntie m

I can’t believe you are leaving in just a day! What an adventure you will have! I look forward to coming to visit you on your blog.

Love you Alley-cat!

24 12 2009
e-Strategy Internet Marketing Blog

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The top 10 reasons communications/PR professionals should blog, according to David Erickson. ……

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